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Nothing fancy here. Just a repository for my material, with the occasional new bit or quip over to the right (on a desktop). It's mostly humor and fiction --- print, web, radio and some unsold stuff.

If you're an employer looking for some corporate communications, just ask.

My humor credits include The New York Times; public radio’s “Morning Edition,” “Marketplace” and “Living on Earth” programs; Slackjaw; The Motley Fool; Points in Case; The Haven; PsychCentral; Speechwriters Newsletter; and sundry other outlets.


There's a novel here, too: Thank God for That, a yarn in which the vampires of Washington, D.C., vie with the vultures of Madison Avenue for the title of “Most Likely to Wreck the Republic in the Regular Course of Business.” It’s a close race. So if you are or know or know someone who knows someone who's an agent, publisher or filmmaker, let's tawk!

I'm quite proud, too, of the course I developed for the freshman writing class I taught at George Washington University prepandemic. It traces the history of American political demagogues, starting with Cleon of Athens and ending with Trump of Queens.

Should you find yourself in need or want of some words — speech, toast, eulogy, letter of interest, note of apology, a pleading email, a bitter text, a sharp bris quip — let’s talk. No poetry, of course.

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