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Sweet Victory? – Winning a class-action suit the hard way. New York Times
Machine Politics – It takes a cul de sac. New York Times
Exposition Exposé – The torments of teaching writing. New York Times
Pay Now, Pull Over Later – The Minority Driver Advance Assessment Program. New York Times
Modem Schmodem – Change your ISP, change your life. Not in a good way. New York Times
The War at Home – 'What'd you do in the war, Daddy?' 'Watched a lotta T.V.' The Star-Ledger of Newark
Don't Pick My Pocket or Break My Leg – And when it comes to religion, mind your own fucking business. The Times of Trenton


New Books Capture Intellectual Spirit of Trump Era – The racism, the riots, the Nazis — what a ride! If it wasn’t one thing, it was another! Read the reviews. The Haven
Our Current Cleon, Or Trump's Ancient Echo -- Trump wasn't democracy's first demagogue.
The Pains of Love – Love has much to teach us about the human condition, and such conditions as heartbreak, stress piles and Chronic Traumatic Nausea. The Haven
Just Because It's the Apocalypse Doesn't Mean It's the End of the World – A CEO rallies the team in a post-Armageddon all-staff memo. Points in Case
Snubbed Again! -- Who Do Ya Gotta Fuck Around Here To Win An Astrophysics Award? Slackjaw
Oh, to Be a Sociopath – Here's what I would do. The Haven
Surviving Family Finances – Screw up once and you can kiss consortium goodbye. Motley Fool
Don't Trust Your Family -- For disastrous financial-planning advice, family's your best resource. Motley Fool
Hoping for the Worst – To score big in the market, pray for disaster. Someone else's. Motley Fool
Can That Be? – Some people claim never to have thought about suicide. Liars!



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